6 Reasons Why I Like My Dusky Skin

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Being an Indian dark-skinned girl, I am often criticized for my dusky skin. People suggested me everything to get a fair skin tone – from fairness creams to home remedies to beauty-parlor treatments, everything! My parents were told that they will get difficulty in searching a nice bridegroom for me. I used to be told that my dusky skin will become a hurdle in my professional career too. Being naive, I also began realizing that due to my dusky skin, I will not be able to get a high status or respect in the society.

dusky skin

Today, I love my dusky skin

Years later, after passing my school, I got admission in college and explored a new way of looking at my life in a different manner. I even have found thousands of reasons to love my dusky skin. Today, I thank God for creating me in the shade of the delicious chocolate that everyone would like to devour. I am confident enough to flaunt my dusky skin in different styles. I appreciate myself for not being attentive to that baseless advice to get fairer skin. Here are 6 reasons why I love my dusky skin now.

It makes me look younger

The black melanins in my skin are significant for beauty benefits. It protects me from long-term skin damage like aging, deep wrinkles, rough surface texture and age spots. I don’t get sunburns or tanning. It makes me look younger all the time.

Kohl and deep lipstick make me attractive

dusky skin

When I apply kohl to my eyes or put on a deep lipstick, I stand out from the crowd. It gives a beautiful contrast to my dark complexion. It lights up my face and I get all eyes on me. Honestly, I get exhausted in receiving compliments on that day.

I am not a part of the common race

I have never been a part of the race of getting fairer skin and blue eyes. I have seen girls clicking pictures and with the help of additional applications on their phone, they can change their skin color, eyes color and what not! All of them look same in the pictures. I choose not to use them and stand out. I am happy, I am not a part of such race where every girl looks like a copy of another.

I am less prone to skin cancer

According to researchersfair skin people have more chances to develop skin cancer to than those of having darker skin. The layer of available melanin protects skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun. My skin acts as a veil against those harmful rays. Of course, it doesn’t mean that dusky skin can never get cancer but the chances are really less.

No need to spend oodles of money

dusky skin

I can spend hours on a beach or in the sunrays, I don’t get sunburns or tanning. Even if I get, it doesn’t show prominently on my skin. My chocolaty skin is pretty hard and I really love that. I am not obsessed with beauty parlor appointments, heaps of fairness cream, foundations and skin lighters in my kitty. Hence, I don’t need to spend lots of money on all of this. I am accepting and loving myself the way I am.

I am the new trend

There are a lot of dark skinned divas in our Bollywood and Hollywood and they look stunning. I have seen girls in my college who are dying to get that dusky shade that can get them looks like Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Liza Haydon, Deepika Padukone. Being dusky is a new trend nowadays and I love to be a part of this squad.

dusky skin

Now my mind has understood that India runs a business by brainwashing the mind that beauty is fairness. Being a dusky Indian girl, I have managed to decode the myths and taboos around skin color. Your body, color, hair, language skills do not make you more or less beautiful, it is your wisdom.  And yes, I laugh out hard when I see a beauty commercial on the television that after applying fairness cream a girl has got her dream job. I am sure, you too!


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Reena Rawal

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