Keto Diet is the New Trend for Weight Loss-Advantages and Disadvantages of Keto Diet

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Though improper dietary habits and unsupervised routines may cause more damage than giving you the body you desire. There are many kinds of diets that you can follow. Some are expensive while some are not. To achieve a healthy and active body people change their eating habits and lifestyle. Some opt for only carb diet, one platter diet, low-fat diet, keto diet. The choice of which habit to follow is yours.

What is a keto diet

Keto diet basically runs on the principle that instead of carbohydrates, our body burns fat pertaining to the intake of carbs, a moderate amount of protein and large amounts of fat. Unhealthy amounts of junk and snacks are a part of our daily routine. These contain bad cholesterol, insane amounts of sugar and insoluble fats. These add up to form the fats around the belly, thighs, and arms, and it makes you look obese.

What keto diet does to your body is that it cuts off the supply of the sugar and carbohydrates. It burns the already stored fat in your body to give you the required energy. It changes into fat, which is then stored in various parts of the body, so when the body is provided by the required amount of glucose the stored fat doesn’t come into use. This is a major issue which is tackled by keto diet. Keto diet forces the body to use up the stored fat converting it into glucose. During keto diet, our body undergoes a process called as ketosis. All the scientific jargons are a lot to take in but simply speaking, our liver produces ketones- a type of energy giving source to our body. So what we should eat in a keto diet is mainly green leafy vegetables, poultry products, meat, dairy products, nuts, and other soluble fats.

Here we have Keto diet food list with us:

Do eat :


Spinach, Fenugreek Leaves, Vegetables like Broccoli, Cauliflower etc.


Avocado, Berries, Raspberries, and Blackberries


Less sugar but high-fat dairy products like cheese, high fat cream, butter etc.

Don’t eat :

GrainsWheat, Corn, Rice, Cereals
Sugary ProductsHoney, maple syrup, anything sweet or which has a high content of sugar
FruitsApples, Bananas, Oranges etc.
Underground tubersPotato, Sweet Potato, Yams etc.

Advantages of keto diet 

Effective weight loss method

keto diet

The body undergoing ketosis during keto diet undergoes effective weight loss because the body burns the unwanted fat in the areas where the fats were stored and making the muscles firm and tight. This process makes you look slim and fit. The body burns the stored fat, as the insulin amount in the body is dropped due to the ongoing process of ketosis, which in turn causes the stored fat in the liver to break down to form glucose. As a result, the body burns all the unnecessary fat.

Increase in metabolism

The carbs in our body convert into glucose to give energy, but it also raises the blood sugar level. On the decrease of the blood sugar level, our body goes into a limbo state which means that carbohydrates are not a reliable source of energy. In keto diet, the fats are converted into glucose, which is a reliable source of energy to the body. Our body gets the energy required from a reliable source so naturally the metabolism of the body increases.

A remedy for epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disease which can affect anyone from children of small age to adults. It was found that keto diet could treat epilepsy to a certain extent by fighting chemical released by a patch in the small intestine. Keto diet not only helps to treat epilepsy by destroying the disease from its roots but also is a relief for the poor people who can’t afford expensive drugs for epilepsy.

Cholesterol and BP

Keto diet is a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet, it helps to increase the triglyceride level and the good cholesterol that is HDL (high-density lipid). Keto diet thereby helps to prevent blockage of arteries by LDL (low-density lipids) which reduces BP and chances of heart attack.

Increases proficiency of brain

Keto diet increases fatty acids and other essential elements required by our brain to improve its capacity. The ketones produced by the body boost the brain’s ability to concentrate which ultimately enhances the proficiency of the brain.

Body changes after keto diet

Ketosis is a complex process. Your body undergoes a transition period where the stored glycogen is broken down and then the process of breaking down of fats, to produce ketones starts. Since the body doesn’t have stored energy to work, so your body will feel lumpy and tired all the time. Regular intake of electrolyte drinks and sodium will help you through your transition stage. You will feel a constant urge to urinate, keeping your body hydrated is the key to maintain electrolytic levels in your body. Due to the constant breaking of fats, you will feel less hungry, but you will have increased energy.

Disadvantages & side effects of keto diet

Since your body is undergoing huge changes in metabolism, it will try to react in some ways which can make you uncomfortable sometimes with these side effects :


Since the constant urge to urinate causes the body to dehydrate which ultimately causes constipation. To avoid this, you should constantly drink water with electrolytes and have fruits with high water content and roughage.

keto diet


Losing electrolytes and imbalance in salt cause muscle cramps which can be painful. To avoid cramps you should take magnesium supplements and electrolytic juices.

Keto flu

Fatigue, headache, nausea, and cramps are some of the common symptoms one would experience during a keto flu. This mostly occurs during the transition period.

Keto diet is an efficient and effective way to lose weight. Every diet has its own pros and cons, the same applies to the keto diet. Make sure to stay hydrated and loaded with electrolytes and you are good to go and rock the dress you have kept aside due to your body fats. Keto diet will definitely transform your body and life.

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Riya Dennis

Riya Dennis

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I pen down my thoughts from the heart while struggling with the mind. I can be described as a bookworm, a movie maniac, and a big-time food lover.
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Riya Dennis
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Riya Dennis

I pen down my thoughts from the heart while struggling with the mind. I can be described as a bookworm, a movie maniac, and a big-time food lover. I think that the world not only runs by logic but with emotions as well. Give me a pen, a book and food - I will never disturb you again!