How to Identify Your Body Type

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Your personality often depends on the type of body shape you have. Women are often insecure about their body types. This article is your guide to understand which body shape you belong to as you can never completely be classified under a particular body type. Every woman in this world has a different body shape as everyone is unique. You can never be a perfect hourglass shape or a pear-shaped person but you can improve the body shape god has made you in.

This article will give you an idea about the category of the body shape you are under. There are more than 6000 body shapes in which these are the common ones under which women are categorized.

Straight body type

Body Type_straight

If you have your hips and bust of similar measurements and size then you have a rectangular or straight body shape. Your waist will be non-curvy. From the side profile, you will be straight as a ruler. Generally, ladies having a straight body shape are athletic and sporty. The bottom will be more towards a flat shape rather than round. Your shoulders will be of similar proportion to your hips. The fat accumulation in your body will be in the torso region and then in upper thighs and arms. The best feature of your body will be your toned and slender legs which will highlight the person who you are.

Pear body type

Body Type_pear

If you have your hips larger than your bust then you have a pear-shaped body. Your body will look like an upright triangle since the lower portion of the body is proportionately larger to the upper body. You will have a slender and elegant neck will which enhance your shoulders. Your arms and shoulders will be slim and toned which are your feature. The fat accumulation will be in the bottom and legs, upper body and stomach region. Pear shape body has their slender waist as their alluring feature.

Spoon body type

Body Type_spoon

If you have hips larger than your bust and your hips have a shelf appearance then you have a spoon-shaped body. This type of body is also called as figure 8 body shape also. You have a toned and curvaceous waist. The fat accumulation happens in the upper thighs and arms, lower legs. Spoon-shaped people have their lower arms and legs as their best feature.

Hourglass shape body


Body Type_hour-glassThis shape is the most sought-after body by females. It is considered to be the perfect shape for a woman. Those who have an hourglass shape have the bust and hip size well proportioned. They have a sensual curve to their waist which is an envy evoking factor for all the other women and even men. The shoulder is well molded for their petite waist. The bottom is also very round adding to the already ravishing figure. The arms and legs are well proportioned to the frame which is the eye-catching feature of the hourglass figure.

Top hourglass shape

Body Type_top hour-glass

This is also a very attractive shape. Your bust will be a little larger than your hip. You will have similar features of an hourglass shape. Your shoulders will be well balanced to accentuate your slender waist. The waist will be curvaceous and will curve out to hips to give a perfect shape for any outfit you wear.

Inverted triangle body type

Body Type_Inverted Triangle

Women having this body shape are often athletic. You have a large upper body when compared to the lower one. The shoulders are broad which creates a magnetic personality. You often have a round bottom and broad back which makes you look taller than you actually are because of the upright position you maintain. Your waist will be svelte and will add to the personality. The accumulation of fat occurs mainly in the stomach region and upper body. Your toned legs and arms are the best asset for you to flaunt.

Oval body type

Body Type_Oval

This shape is also popularly known as the apple shape. You will have a large bust and a full middle. Your hips will be narrow as compared to your middle body. Your hips and shoulders will be comparatively of the same width. The waist will be nebulous and will be ample part of the body. Your neck will be short and the limbs will also be somewhat short. The bottom will be heavy but the lower leg will be attenuated. Your best feature is graceful slender legs. So flatter yourself by showing off the best in you.

Diamond shaped body type

Body Type_diamond

This type of body is very rare. Your body will have broader hip than the bust and the shoulders. The waist is nebulous and similar to Apple shaped body. The waist is the widest part of the body. The best part of your will be your lower legs which will be your defining feature. The fat accumulation will mainly be in the stomach region, back of the body and the bottom.

Whichever body type you belong to, just try to embrace yourself the way you are because you are perfect in the way you are.

“trying to be someone else is the waste of a person you are “-Marlin Munroe.

So ladies embrace the body you have and flaunt the best features you have. Let the world be your runway and you the show stopper.


Riya Dennis

Riya Dennis

Writer at Aaj Ki Naari
I pen down my thoughts from the heart while struggling with the mind. I can be described as a bookworm, a movie maniac, and a big-time food lover.
I think that the world not only runs by logic but with emotions as well. Give me a pen, a book and food - I will never disturb you again!
Riya Dennis
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Riya Dennis

I pen down my thoughts from the heart while struggling with the mind. I can be described as a bookworm, a movie maniac, and a big-time food lover. I think that the world not only runs by logic but with emotions as well. Give me a pen, a book and food - I will never disturb you again!