Fun Activities for Siblings who Fight with Each Other

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activities for siblings who fight

Parents are always worried about their kids who always bicker with each other and create a nuisance around the house. Their main anxiety is how to stop child fighting and how to make siblings bond. In this post, we will discuss some amazing activities for siblings who fight with each other. Unlike foreign countries, living in a household of more than four members is a common thing in India. Growing up with siblings, cousins and relatives make our childhood more memorable than clubbing and socializing in adulthood. Picking a slingshot and shooting down the raw mangoes, making paper boats and racing them down the stream or puddles, running after a rubber tire pretending it was a vehicle etc.  are some of the nostalgic memories that each of us cherishes.

Growing up with siblings is a herculean task. Picking up fights for trivial things and topics like T.V. remote or which channel to watch or which side of the bed to sleep or who is adopted and was brought home from dustbin or who is the favorite of dad or mom etc. We all have fought for these things and on these topics and our parents always wondered that how to make siblings bond and find out some activities for siblings who fight. These things were an important reason for bonding together and to grow up as the support for each other. In the earlier time, there were ways to boost siblings bonding and parents had ideas that how to make siblings bond.
Raja Mantri, Ghar – Ghar, Langdi, Pithu, Hopscotch, Hide and Seek were some of the best childhood games we used to play. These games are now starting to fade away as the virtual world is taking over. The video games have now taken the place for Gilli – Danda. Most of the 21st-century children have no idea about these games. Here we have a lot of other fun activities for siblings who fight with each other.
Definitely, it’s time to re-invent those games close to our hearts for the 21st-century kids who are glued to their Xbox and phones and show them how to play the real games.

Siblings need to bond together to grow up into responsible, caring adults. Below is a list of activities for siblings who fight for no reason. It will help them to bond together so as to grow into an excellent leader, team worker, and a good communicator

Some Fun Activities for Siblings Who Fight and Bicker for no reason:


This is a re-invention or a twist to a simple hide and seek. The “Denner” will count up to 50 or 100 until all the players have hidden. In this case, the siblings can themselves play or an elder can be the denner and the rest can hide.

The denner will call for the first clap. All the hidden players have to clap once. The denner has to listen closely to the claps and find the hidden players. The denner has to find all the players before three claps are over.

We know that rivalry is prevalent not only among kids but siblings as well. Hence such activities for siblings who fight is a must. This game increases child’s concentration power, listening skills and is a lot of fun to play around all day. It is a good answer to parent’s question that how to stop child fighting.


We all love treasure hunts. It helps us to explore our creative side by writing riddles and finding out secret hiding places in our house. You can make simple riddles for your siblings and hide some goodies at each point where the riddles lead to another.

This is a great game to brainstorm on riddles. It also checks our imaginative side and is super fun to see the competitive side of your siblings. Here are another activities for siblings who fight and bicker all the time.


This is a simple but fun activity for siblings to play all day without fighting or getting bored, which actually is the ultimate wish for the parents, right?

For this activity, take a potato or something circular like a ball or an apple etc. Place the potato between the stomach or cheeks or forehead. You can even place the potato between the backs or the bums of the children to add more fun.

The two siblings have to get to the finish line without dropping the potato between them. Such are some great activities for siblings who fight.

This activity lets siblings bond really close. Their body proximity is close which makes them trust each other. The balance of potato will help to figure out how fragile trust is, since balancing life and trusting each other is not an easy thing. They will realize that they cannot tackle the world alone but with the strength and support of the sibling. They will learn to respect, trust and support each other as they grow up.


This is a modern twist to “dum charades”.
Take a big t-shirt and stuff your siblings inside it. Just Kidding.

How sometimes you wish to throw them in the trash bag but sometimes their cheeky smiles make you feel more loved.

For this activity, ask your elder child to stand in such a way that the younger kid is standing behind the elder kid. The hands of the younger sibling should come out through the hand holes of the T-shirt and the elder sibling’s hand should be wrapped around the tummy.

Now they have to act according to the elder sibling’s story. The elder sibling should say something and the younger one should use the hands to show gestures according to the sentence to convey what the elder one is trying to say. This way they will look like one big body with tiny hands.

This is a hilarious activity to watch. The activity checks the co-ordination between the two siblings. The understanding between the siblings is greatly improved as they will act accordingly and will coordinate with each other. It would certainly be one of the great activities for siblings who fight.

This is a comedy show unraveling for the audience. The parents can make a video of the children playing and cherish the moments for lifelong, each time breaking up with fits of laughter while watching the video.


This is an easy and exciting game and can be played anywhere – in a party, park or to kill boredom at home.

For this game, you have to play the music and allow the children to dance to the beat. Stop the music any time you feel. The children have to freeze doing their step. Then the person who stops the music approaches the children and does funny gestures to make them laugh. The first one to laugh is out of the game. Repeat until the children are dying of laughter and exhaustion. The above are some superb activities for siblings who fight with each other. It will eventually help them understand other’s feelings.

These were some of easiest fun activities for siblings who fight and have a minimal bonding together. These activities will bring you down the memory lane as well as make the children grow together in love and affection. The virtual world is eating up the fun of bonding through talking, playing games together etc. These games will refresh the children and make them realize the true worth of intimacy and bonding with kin. Hence we can say that it works as sibling play therapy and teach them life lessons.

Riya Dennis

Riya Dennis

Writer at Aaj Ki Naari
I pen down my thoughts from the heart while struggling with the mind. I can be described as a bookworm, a movie maniac, and a big-time food lover.
I think that the world not only runs by logic but with emotions as well. Give me a pen, a book and food - I will never disturb you again!
Riya Dennis
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Riya Dennis

I pen down my thoughts from the heart while struggling with the mind. I can be described as a bookworm, a movie maniac, and a big-time food lover. I think that the world not only runs by logic but with emotions as well. Give me a pen, a book and food - I will never disturb you again!